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‘I had to shoulder barge or kick my way in’: Antoinette Lattouf’s fierce pursuit for media diversity

Antoinette Lattouf may be an award-winning journalist, media personality, change-maker and author but according to her two young daughters, she’s really “the biggest nerd ever”.

Lattouf jokes that they’re her “biggest critics” and their opinions enable her to laugh at herself and find light and humour in dark places. “They are hilarious. They remind me that I can’t do a cartwheel, that I’m terrible at parking and my little one told me to get a real job because talking and waving your hands around for a living isn’t actual work,” she laughs.

But it’s Lattouf’s courage in waving her hands in the air that Australians should applaud.

Recently awarded the Women’s Agenda Leadership NFP Award for her work championing change in “a very whitewashed news industry,” Lattouf shares her drive to see more women in leadership roles in the media.

“I can’t help but feel that having women in positions of power in the media has contributed significantly to this reckoning that we’re currently enduring,” she says.

In 2017, Lattouf founded Media Diversity Australia with Isabel Lo, a former ABC and CNN journalist. At the time, Lattouf and Lo were working journalists with four kids under five.

“In addition to holding down jobs as journalists, we started this not for profit to not only highlight the scale of the problem, but also provide solutions and pathways to betterment” she explains.

“There are so many incidents and moments that contributed to what I call my ‘F*ck this” moment,” Lattouf says. “I was tired of seeing (and continuing to see) all white panels on news programs.

I was tired of hearing racist and divisive tropes from commentators whose only interaction with, or understanding of multicultural Australia is via their Uber driver. With social media and politics polarising the

. . .

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