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Entrepreneurs still in the dark as BFF grant debacle continues

Potentially hundreds of women founders remain confounded following an email error this week that saw business owners told they were successful in moving to the next round of the Boosting Female Founders grant process, and then emailed again to be told they weren’t.

Now, women who received the second email are logging into their application portal, to find a message saying they were, in fact, successful after all.

The initial mistake meant a congratulatory email was sent to all applicants, including those who had not in fact made it to the next round of the program.

Hours later, a second email informed them that the first had been sent in error, and that they had not been successful.

It was a day described by many as an emotional rollercoaster. Women reported sharing the good news with their teams, families and professional networks, and starting their planning for the next stage of the process, only to have their hopes dashed later.

One founder told SmartCompany the news came as “a kick in the guts”.

“Things like this mean more than they might do otherwise, because we do have fewer opportunities,” she added.

Women on networks such as LinkedIn are now sharing their stories of disappointment. Some, however, are reporting that when they click through to their application in the BFF portal, the status suggests they were successful after all.

That has led to yet more confusion and frustration for applicants, who still don’t know where they stand.

Speaking to SmartCompany, Caroline Lepron, co-founder and chief of location scout startup Skoutli, says she has reached out to the Department of Industry two days ago to get some clarity on whether her BFF application was successful or not, but has not heard anything back

She has access to the area of the website to continue with her

. . .

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