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Claire Moore breeds Queen Bees and wants us to appreciate these intelligent and essential creatures

We’re profiling women working in agriculture and related fields, thanks to the excellent support of AgriFutures Australia, in line with our weekly publication for women in agriculture, The Ag Wrap. This week, meet Claire Moore.

Former stockbroker turned farmer Claire Moore is obsessed with bees. An obsession that sees her breeding genetically diverse queen bees, advocating for bee populations and teaching beekeeping to at-risk youths in the justice system.

It’s all part of her passion for food security, and for contributing to the research and other efforts aimed at supporting bee populations that are currently at risk on multiple fronts. Bees, she likes to remind people, are known as the “canaries in the coal mine” for agriculture and horticulture, with the UN declaring in 2019 that the world’s honey bee population is in crisis.  

It was this work that saw Claire named the 2019 AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award VIC Winner and National Runner Up. Based in Kyneton in Victoria, Claire’s farm is a “true family farm”, featuring 1200 chickens and Claire working with her partner Paul and three young children 365 days a year, with the kids collecting eggs and selling them at the local market.  

Claire Moore – AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award 2019 VIC Winner and National Runner Up

Claire has since used the Westpac bursary she received as part of the award to further study commercial beekeeping, queen rearing and genetics. She’s also bought bee hives with different genetics to set up apiaries in her hometown. 

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Bees have suffered a widespread loss of habitat in recent years, including during the summer bushfires. The diversity and abundance of bees are also at the mercy of a changing

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