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‘Always seeking, always finding’: Mani Thiru on how to succeed in the tech sector

Mani Thiru flew into Singapore a few months ago and was sent straight into the island city-state’s Covid-19 circuit breaker, where she isolated for the next month. 

She has taken on the role of Business Lead in the Aerospace & Satellite Solutions team at Amazon Web Services for that region — a position she is ‘really stoked’ about. “I’ve been wanting to look after a regional business for a while,” she tells me.

“Space is science, technology, research, innovation, economics, and even politics. The more collaboration we have between countries with their different strengths and unique differentiators, the faster we will evolve in this sector to benefit of many.”

Earlier this year, Thiru took out the WALA Award for Emerging Leader in the Private Sector — where she flipped the lid in her acceptance speech.

“When the judges had me on the panel I thought I stuffed it up,” she said. “I’m going to act like a man today and just wing it. They do it and it works. It’s about time we got some of that. They stand here and say, I deserve this. So, I deserve this.”

“I’ve been slogging my guts in the last ten, twenty years,” she said. “I accept this award with so much humility. There are so many of you other winners and finalists I want to sit down and talk to.” 

A lot of that humility she owes to her parents, who, according to Thiru, sacrificed a lot to ensure she and her siblings had an education that would set them up for a ‘decent job’ and a better life. 

“I never wanted to disappoint my parents,” she tells me. “They taught us after class, checked our homework, encouraged us to do more.”

“The way they had to leave a

. . .

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