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Time Management: Manage it to be on your side

Written by: Jenn Drakes

We face a new year, and to what degree time is on our side has more to do with what we aim to accomplish than how long it takes to get things done. Changing your perspective on this can change your life…

Time management is not about the amount of hours in a day, but rather about how much a person can accomplish within those hours.

Every day we exist we are managing our time because that is all we have. It can be managed poorly or exceptionally. How many people come to mind that are ineffective at managing their time?

Consider that time is an airport runway, and every day we move further along that runway.

We can use it, as planes do, to take off, or we can use it like a traditional road. An airborne mindset seeks acceleration and flight to their destinations. This person aims to soar far above ground level. An airborne mindset also means we live with 3-dimensional possibilities of movement: forward/backward, side-to-side, and up/down.

In contrast, a paved-road mindset means we are grounded to drive, ride, or walk to wherever we are going. While speed is possible, it is much more constrained. This mindset also means we live with 2-dimensional possibilities of movement: forward/backward and side-to-side.

This article is about what you choose to do with the breadth of movement based on your mindset. It is time to consider whether you live to leave behind marks of your presence, or whether you live just to get through the miles.

If you stop to look back at your runway, are you seeing, even now, a history of things done and created that are plentiful, made an impact on others, and made you proud?

This perspective is what enables me to negate time management worries. For me, it is all about the amount I can get done and how much of me I can plant – small or large – along the way. Everything that is produced by a person are their breadcrumbs, their legacy, through their mind, hands, and words. Using up most of every day watching the accomplishments of others is not creating anything for yourself, unless what you are watching inspires you to evolve and strive for your own accomplishments.

So, let’s not waste time talking about hours, let’s think bigger than that. Let’s intentionally get time on our side by leveraging it to create breadcrumb legacies.

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Jenn Drakes at Boss Ladies Mindset

About The Author: Jenn Drakes is passionate about life, and fully living it. Her podcast Arrays of Living is about encouraging listeners to get unstuck, learn from the past, but move beyond it, grow personally, and live their best life.




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