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How to Add Self-Care Into Your Daily Routine

“Self-Care Sunday” has finally gotten the recognition it deserves in the past year with more women devoting time to take care of themselves. Sunday is a popular day to reflect, reset, and recharge for the week ahead. As someone with an abnormal schedule (I work weekends, and my off days are always different), I struggle to fit self-care in on Sundays or any day of the week. Instead, here are six little things you can do each day or spread out throughout the week to make self-care an everyday affair. 


1. Take mini-breaks throughout your workday

When I’m in the zone of working on a project or going from one Zoom meeting to another, I get stuck sitting in the same spot for hours. I get so focused that I don’t even think about taking a break. Not only is it super unhealthy to be sitting in the same spot for hours, but it’s mentally draining and exhausting. It can be hard to take a few minutes for yourself, especially when your to-do list seems never-ending, so I recommend adding breaks into your calendar. Try to take a five-minute break every two hours and schedule them in if you

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