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8 Easy Ways To Be Happier Right Now

The question heard around the world: How can I be happier? Do you need to get a new job, lose 10 lbs, or find your soulmate? Maybe it would take winning the lottery or going on your dream vacation? We tell ourselves, “I’ll be satisfied when I make more money,” or “I’ll be happy once I move to that new city,” or even, “I’m waiting for Friday (or 5 p.m.) to enjoy my life.” As easy as it is to promise yourself that you’d be happy “if only…,” it just isn’t true. Psychology tells us that happiness is not based on circumstance; it’s something you learn.

That’s right: happiness is not something that happens to you when you get the dream job, dream relationship, or even dream life. It’s a skill that requires just as much practice as any other skill. If you’re not practicing it now, it won’t happen no matter what changes. In fact, you should be thinking of happiness as a cause, not an outcome. Instead of, “I need to get a promotion and find my soulmate so I can be happy,” be happy now so that you can get a promotion

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